Granite & Marble Stain Removal

Granite is a porous material, so it allows liquids and chemicals to soak easily into the top layers of itself. This is why Granite stains quite easily. At Top Line Granite Design we have special tools and knowledge to remove any of your countertop's nightmare.

The best way to prevent stains is tend to any spills and splatter right away. The sooner you clean a spill up the less likely you are to stain your stone. Blot the spill with a paper towel, do not try to wipe up the spill because you will just be increasing the size of the area that could get stained. Once the spill is cleaned up flush the area with warm water and soap, then rinse several times. 

The key to removing a stain is knowing what caused the stain. There are several different types of stains. Some can be removed with common house hold cleaners, and others will require trained professionals like the staff at Top Line Granite Design.

Types of Stains:

  • Oil Based ( Grease, cooking oils, cosmetics)
  • Organic (Coffee, tea, fruit, tobacco)
  • Metal (Rust) * Inks (Paint, permanent markers)
  • Water spots and rings (hard water deposits)

Should you stain your stone, have an existing stain, or just need to have deep cleaning done to any of your natural stone surfaces Top Line Granite Design can help. We utilize many different cleaning methods and products to help remove even the most stubborn of stains leaving your stone surface looking better than ever.


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