Granite & Marble Permanent Sealer

The Permanent Sealer on Granite will give you a completely headache and maintenance free countertop. A single application and your stone will never again have to be sealed, unlike every other sealer on the market you will never have to "refresh" or reapply a sealer for the rest of your countertop's life.

Some customers might be seeking a permanent way to seal their granite, to ensure that their investment is protected. Stone Care is the area’s only trained and licensed applicator of Granite Shield. Granite shield is a permanent natural stone sealer that, when applied by a licensed professional comes with a lifetime warranty against any and all stains.

It is through the use of a proprietary blend of catalyzing polymers, and a carbon crystal sealer that forms a molecular bond with the stone that Granite Shield can protect your counters permanently from anything that may be spilled on them. Granite Shield is a penetrating sealer that will not scratch or yellow. In fact it will leave your natural stone surface more vibrant, smoother, shinier, and maintenance free.

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